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a message maybe sent below, it will be saved on the server.
If connection is secured, it would be encrypted on it's way.
if expecting an answer, adding some contact address.
message : 

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about me

Birth 1973,
I'm using computers since the 80s.
I had an amstrad, multiple amigas.
I'm using linux since 1999.
I'm european, I live in the countryside.
I'm 1.80m tall - 6ft tall.

I'm able something with php/apache also php/cli
some c programming
few bash

if wanting scripts or programs contact me

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server is a home server running linux.
TLS is implemented on the website, it can be verified via the browser. The CA is let's encrypt.
a quality test maybe

the website can be accessed with multiple url: ipv6 & ipv4 ipv4

website is locally georestricted

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sending amazon gift codes here is ok

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