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linux sound recording gui

20170223 20180205 20190201

glorec [--help][--rec][--posx int][--posy int][--width int][--height int][PATH]
--help help
--rec record as soon as up.
--posx window position x.
--posy window position y.
--width window width.
--height window height.
PATH recording sound files using path.

let one recording sound as wav files, with gui. using openal, opengl, glfw3.

with a click anyplace in the window, glorec records wav files in the current dir (CWD, userdir if run with debian desktop menu) if wanting another dir it maybe passed as an arg:
glorec /path/

files are 16bits 44100Hz, mono, as audio cd quality (yet mono).
files are timestamped, named as snd201702232122300.wav
number is year, month, day, hour, minutes, seconds.

so there is a maximum one file/second limit.
there's also a wav file limit maximum length is max 32bits int, approximatively 13 hours (48695 seconds) per file.
there can be as much files as the media (hardisk, ...) may contain.

while running, glorec responds some keyboard event:
F1: help (printed in the terminal)
ESC, Q: exit
F, F11: fullscreen
LMB, SPACEBAR, R: start/stop recording

debian .deb binary package: dpkg -i glorec_0.93_i386.deb
.tar.gz source package has a binary, source with compiling instructions, icons.

glorec-0.93.tar.gz (20k)
glorec-0.95.tar.gz (28k)
glorec-0.95_i386.deb (17k)
glorec_0.93_i386.deb (12k)
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sound source

using other sources


if the distrib is using alsa, the source maybe changed with alsamixer gui:
alsamixer with F4 displays capture config. -pictures-
source maybe changed using arrows: right towards input source, up/down changing volume, spacebar selecting source.

glorec is using openal default as a source.
openal itself maybe configured with changing /etc/openal/alsoft.conf
dsnoop is as dmix yet with inputs. it's probably best letting "default".




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